Democrat Luis Gutiérrez: ‘We Will Impeach Donald Trump, He Is Unfit To Be Our President And I Assure You That…’(VIDEO)

A number of Democrats are intending to create impeachment charges against President Donald Trump, their leader, Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D-IL), affirmed on Wednesday.
“It is clear to us that he is unfit to be President of the United States of America,” Gutiérrez stated on Wednesday, in spite of the fact that he declined to say what the charges will be, and also the identity of the Democrats that want to make this move.

“I assure you, we will not leave you lacking for a reason,” stated Gutiérrez, who portrayed Trump as pushing a “white supremacist agenda” and General. John Kelly as a “disgrace to his uniform.”

One Democrat who is definitely involved is Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN), who started impeachment procedures in the past, over Trump’s remarks affecting the white patriots rally in Charlottesville in August, when a woman was killed.
Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) and Rep. Al Green (D-TX) likewise started procedures of impeachment against Trump in July, considering the president’s involvement with Russia’s government and Russia’s involvement in the election back in 2016.

“I’m in no rush to be first, but I will say this: We have to — we have to bring it to the floor,” Green stated back then.

There is also another case similar to this one. Liberal billionaire Tom Steyer invested $10 million to air a TV promotion all over the country, requiring Trump’s impeachment and requesting that watchers sign his online appeal, which collected more than 1 000 000 signatures in only 10 days.
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SHARE!! Parents warned about potentially deadly ‘Blue Whale Game’ Stay Away !!!

Various media reports claim that as many as 130 people killed themselves in Russia from playing the game. Snopes says those claims are unproven, though they do acknowledge the game as a potential danger.
BALDWIN COUNTY, AL (WKRG) — The Baldwin County Public School System has issued a warning to parents about a game that encourages players to harm themselves and potentially commit suicide.

The “Blue Whale” game has reportedly reached two high schools in Baldwin County, though officials wouldn’t confirm which ones. News 5 is told some students have come forward regarding the game, though officials don’t believe any students have harmed themselves playing.

According to research done by Snopes, the player signs up to follow an administrator’s tasks over the course of 50 days, which can include anything from cutting yourself to listening to a song. The player wins when they complete the final task, committing suicide, on the 50th day.

Peer pressure is associated with the game through apps like Snapchat. Teenagers supposedly “tag” each other and challenge them to play. The student then downloads the Blue Whale app, which hacks into their personal information and cannot be deleted. The app originators then threaten the teenagers with harm to their families or releasing of personal information until they kill themselves.

“It is my understanding that this very dangerous game may have possibly already been introduced on two of our high school campuses,” reads the FYI post on the Baldwin County Public Schools Facebook Page.
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Watch Liberal get Choke-Slammed by Trumps Secret Service Agent on National TV

Well one thing you don’t want to do is go after the president of the United states. Another is advance in a hostile manner towards one of his secret service agents.

A photographer was choked and slammed to the ground by a Secret Service agent during a Donald Trump rally in Virginia on Monday, According to the New York Post..

Video taken and posted on social media by Radford University student Celeste Chorniak, Washington Examiner reporter Gabby Morrongiello and Independent Journal reporter Joe Perticone all captured unique angles of the ugly confrontation.
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As the student were led out, Morris was blocked from getting closer to them by the agent and he appeared to whisper “f–k you” to the burly lawman, according to Perticone’s footage.

Moments later, the agent violently slammed Morris down, in footage captured from by Chorniak from stands at Radford’s Dedmon Center.

With Morris on the ground, Morrongiello’s video showed the photographer kicking at the agent who was trying to get on top of him.

After the photographer got up, he briefly put his hand on the Secret Service agent’s throat, mimicking what had happened to him moments earlier, Perticone’s footage showed.

“I’ve worked for nine years at the White House and have never had an altercation with the Secret Service,” Morris said in a statement released by Time magazine.
The Secret Service said it’s working with local law enforcement to piece together what happened.

Graffiti ACAB –

In Moscow, the interventions of the artist Pavel183 do not passed unnoticed despite the constant cleaning. Often compared to Banksy , the young Russian artist passed away, leaving behind an impressive amount of poetic works and protesters. Story/The lead up to the finale of the Grifters Code series began way back at the end of 2013, when Boris originally started filming the sixth episode with the Parisian artist Saeyo. This venture was abruptly cut due to the legal issues faced by both the artist and the director during the time that they worked on the video.
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A few months later, Boris released another video in conjunction with another Parisian writer – Cokney. A week after its release, on an early Monday morning, the French anti-graffiti police broke down the door and raided the flat where they both lived. After three days of questioning and threats, that ‘this will be the end of The Grifters’, Boris found himself held in indefinite custody in the largest prison in Europe, waiting for trial. The time he spent in isolation was put to good use, sharpening his body and mind, further planning the next steps of his career. He went on to spend four months there, which he later proclaimed in a sarcastic video statement as his “surprise holidays in not-even-1-star-Hotel”.

After his release, the Grifters Code series was no longer in Boris’ spectrum of interest. The mystery around Episode 4, the failure of Episode 6 with Saeyo to come to fruition, in conjunction with his imprisonment resulted in a stop gap, a period of time in which Boris’ point of view was forcibly given time to mature. Using this time wisely, Boris evolved new skills and a vision on how documenting should be made. He started working on new projects, leaving the Grifters Code how it stood, in the past.

Grifters Code 6: Über Freaks (Trailer)
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BOOM! Tucker OUTS Hillary as Complete CUCKOO! We’re talking Maxine Waters Cuckoo, as in OFF THE CHARTS!

Either Hillary Clinton has completely lost her mind or she thinks people are really stupid. Personally, I think it’s both. How many completely bogus excuses can one person have? First she says she takes personal responsibility for her loss lists 26 different excuses.
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Clinton: Trump unleashed ‘dangerous’ level of hate !

NEW YORK — Hillary Clinton says President Donald Trump has unleashed a level of vitriol and hate that is “incredibly dangerous.”

The former Democratic presidential nominee lashed out at the Republican president as she reflected on the 2016 campaign during a Thursday appearance at book industry conference in New York City.

Clinton says Trump encouraged his supporters to express their anger verbally and physically during the campaign. She likened the president’s strategy to that of leaders in Bosnia and Rwanda who enflamed cultural tensions to win power.

Clinton says of her loss that “I’m fine as a person but I’m worried as an American.”

Trump condemned Clinton earlier in the week for blaming her loss on weakness in the Democratic Party and a hostile media. She did not repeat those comments Thursday.