Hillary Clinton’s Endearing Letter to Her Teenage Self Will Make You Wish She Was President Instead

for all those who voted for Hilary Clinton, the suave lady is going to make you cry tears all over again some happy and some sad. While she tugs at many heartstrings in the promotion of her new book “What happened”, she has just written a deeply moving letter to herself which many are regarding as a true reflection of girl power and what America could have done with right now.

A letter to herself when she was in college
Hillary Clinton’s letter to her teenage self is a viral sensation and worth reading as it speaks volumes about the lady you never knew. The letter was published on November 8th in Teen Vogue and penned to her freshman self where she deals with some of her own insecurities that she faced when young. She addresses the letter to herself when she was in her first semester in Wellesley College and writes.
his is how she begins
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3She advises herself to take risks
Regardless of whether you like or love the woman or not, there is no doubt she is a remarkable woman whose resume is one of the most impressive there is. She is an accomplished lawyer and has held several seats in the political administration including Secretary of State and presidential nominee. It’s no wonder she tells her self which is an advice to all women too that “Take risks and don’t be afraid to get caught trying,”

“Dear Hillary,

Well, you’ve nearly finished your first semester at Wellesley—Congratulations!” She then goes on to say…
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