White Girl Targeted: This is What REAL Racism Looks Like! (VIDEO)Our pressident denies this act

WARNING: This video includes racist violence and may trigger you. Watch at your own risk.

I have never wanted to punch a black girl so hard until I saw this video.

I would love push a sweaty gym sock in this girls throat and drown her in a puddle of her own urine if it was legal to do so.
ou’ll understand why when you watch this video that shows you what real racism looks like.Real racism occurs when a group of people viciously beat and harass someone simply because of their race and because they entered the wrong neighborhood. Recently what appears to be a young girl and her brother were taking a short-cut through a public park in Indianapolis. Unfortunately, they did not have the right skin color. The two were beaten by a gang of thugs caught on a cell phone video. Although the clip went viral on social media, the mainstream media refused to cover it. If races had been reversed it would have been equally horrible and disgusting. But what would have been different is this would currently be on the cover of CNN and they would continue to cover it for months. Obama and Eric Holder would have given numerous press conferences. Obviously Sharpton would be on the scene. But since the attack doesn’t fit the liberal agenda none of that will happen.

The video looks like a white teenager is with her younger sibling at the park. This is something that people do when they’re babysitting or just being a good older sibling.

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